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Welcome to the list of pubs and bars within the City of London boundaries, known as The Square Mile.
Please let me know if there are any missing or if any have changed name or worst, closed. I do my best to keep the list up-to-date and I post news through the newsletter. Cheers!

Traditional Pubs

Bell, The - Bush Lane, EC4
Blackfriar, The - Queen Victoria Street, EC4
Castle, The - Furnival Street, EC4
Cheshire Cheese - Crutched Friars, EC3
Crown & Sugar Loaf - Bride Lane, EC4Y
Coach & Horses, The - Whitefriars Street, EC4
Cockpit, The - St. Andrews Hill, EC4
Dirty Dicks - Bishopsgate, EC2
East India Arms - Fenchurch Street, EC3
Hand & Shears, The - Middle Street, EC1
Harrow, The - Whitefriars Street, EC4
Hatchet, The - Garlick Hill, EC4
Hoop & Grapes - Aldgate High Street, EC3
Hoop & Grapes - Farringdon Street, EC4
Jamaica Wine House, The - St Michael's Alley, off Corn Hill, EC3
Lamb Tavern - Leadenhall Market, EC3
Magpie, The - New Street, EC2
Old Bell, The -Fleet Street, EC4
Old Doctor Butler's Head - Mason's Avenue, EC2
Punch Tavern - Fleet Street, EC4
Railway Tavern, The - Liverpool Street, EC2
Red Lion, The - Eldon Street, EC2
Rising Sun - Cloth Fair, EC1
Rising Sun, The - Carter Lane, EC4
Ship, The - Talbot Court, EC3
Still & Star - Little Somerset Street, E1
Swan Tavern, The - Ship Tavern Passage, EC3
Tipperary, The - Fleet Street, EC4
Viaduct Tavern, The - Newgate Street, EC1
Williams Wine & Ale House - Artillery Lane, E1
Williamsons Tavern - Groveland Court, EC4
Ye Old Cheshire Cheese - Fleet Street, EC4
Ye Olde Watling - Watling Street, EC4
Ye Olde Cock Tavern - Fleet Street, EC4


Albion, The - New Bridge Street, EC4
Banker, The - Cousin Lane, EC4
Bishops Finger, The - West Smithfield, EC1
Blue Anchor, The - Chancery Lane, EC4 * Currently Shut *
Britannia, The - Monument Street, EC3
Bull, The - Devonshire Row, EC2
Butchers Hook & Cleaver, The - West Smithfield, EC1
Centre Page, The - Knightrider Street, EC4
Cock and Woolpack - Finch Lane, EC3
Counting House, The - Cornhill, EC3
Crispin, The - Wilson Street, EC2
Crosse Keys, The - Gracechurch Street, EC3
Crutched Friar, The - Crutched Friars, EC3
Draft House, The - Seething Lane, EC3N
Distillers, The - West Smithfield, EC1A
Duke of Somerset - Somerset Street, E1
Elephant, The - Fenchurch Street, EC3
Fen, The - Fenchurch Street Station, EC3
Fleetwood, The - Wilson Street, EC2
George - Liverpool Street, EC2
Globe, The - Moorgate, EC2
Golden Fleece
- Queen Street, EC4
Grapes, The - Lime Street, EC4
Green Man, The
- Poultry, EC2
Hamilton Hall
- Liverpool Street Station, EC2
Hennessy's - Jewry Street, EC3
Hung Drawn and Quartered - Great Tower Street, EC3
Kings Arms, The - Wormwood Street, EC2
Kings Stores - Widegate Street, E1
Liberty Bounds, The - Trinity Square, EC3
London Stone - Cannon Street, EC4
Lord Aberconway, The - Old Broad Street, EC2
Lord Raglan - St. Martins le Grand, EC1
Mail Coach, The - Camomile Street, EC3
Merchant of Bishopsgate, The - Liverpool Street Station, EC2M
Minories, The - Minories, EC3
Monument, The
- Fish St Hill, EC3
New Moon - Gracechurch Street, EC3
Old Tea Warehouse, The - Creechurch Lane, EC3
Sugarloaf, The - Cannon Street, EC4
Oyster Shed, The, Angle Lane, EC4
Paternoster, The - Queen's Head Passage, EC4
Pavilion End, The - Watling Street, EC4
Peacock, The - Minories, EC3
Pelt Trader - Dowgate Hill EC4N
Phoenix, The
- Throgmorton Street, EC2
Porters Lodge - Arthur Street, EC2
Rack & Tenter - Moorfields, EC2
Red Herring, The - Gresham Street, EC2
Sea Horse, The - Queen Victoria Street, EC4
Shaws Booksellers - St Andrews Hill, EC4
Shooting Star, The - Middlesex Street, E1
St. Brides Tavern - Bridewell Place, EC4
Stone Horse, The - Bishopgate, EC2
Telegraph, The - Telegraph Street, EC2
Three Lords, The - Minories, EC3
Walrus & Carpenter, The - Monument Street, EC3
White Horse - Houndsditch, EC3
White Swan, The - Fetter Lane, EC4A
Windsor, The - New London Street, EC3
Witness Box, The - Tudor Street, EC4
Woodins Shades - Bishopsgate EC2
Wren, The
- Liverpool Street Station


Abacus - Cornhill, EC3
Abbey - St Clare House, The Minories, EC3
Agenda - Mincing Lane, EC3
Alice, The - Houndsditch. EC3A
Alibi - Shoe Lane, EC4
All Bar One - Appold Street, EC2A
All Bar One - Bishopsgate, EC2
All Bar One - Byward Street, EC3
All Bar One - Cannon Street, EC4
All Bar One - Finsbury Pavement, EC2
All Bar One - Houndsditch, EC3
All Bar One - Ludgate Hill, EC4
Apt - Queen Street, EC4
Balls Brothers - Carey Lane, EC2
Balls Brothers - Kings Arms Yard, EC2
Balls Brothers - Lime Street
Balls Brothers - Mark Lane, EC3
Balls Brothers - Minster Court, EC3
Bangers - Wilson Street, EC2
Bierschenke - London Wall Buildings, EC2M
Bird of Smithfield - Smithfield, EC1A
Broadgate Exchange, The Exchange Square
Bury Court - Balls Brothers - St Mary at Hill, EC3
Cape - Aldermanbury, EC2
Chamberlain Hotel - Minories, EC3
City FOP - Lower Thames Street
City Golf Bar - Bride Lane
City Retreat, The - Shoe Lane, EC4
Concourse, The - Liverpool Street
Corney & Barrow - City Point
Corney & Barrow - Masons Avenue, EC2
Corney & Barrow - Fleet Place, EC4
Cos Bar - Queen Victoria Street, EC4
Cuban, The - Ropemaker Street, EC2
Departure Bar - Crutched Friars, EC3
Digress City - Ropemaker Street
Fine Line, The - Monument, EC3
Firefly Bar - Old Bailey, EC4
Gable, The - Moorgate, EC2
Gallery, The - Austin Friars, EC2
Goose at Fenchurch, The - New London Street
Hogshead, The - St. Mary Axe
Isis Lounge Bar - Grange City Hotel, Cooper's Row
Jamies - Bishopsgate
Jamies - Groveland Court
Jamies - Leadenhall Street
Jamies - Ludgate Hill
Jamies - Philpot Lane
Jamies - The Minories
Jugged Hare, The - Chiswell Street
Last & First - Liverpool Street Station
Leabies Bar - New Bridge Street
Livery, The - Wood Street
Long Lane, The - Long Lane
Northbank - Paul's Walk
Number 25 - Birchin Lane
Nylon - Little Britain
One of 2 - Wood Street
Pause - Leadenhall Street
Pavilion, The - Finsbury Circus
Peyps Bar - Novotel Hotel, Pepys Street
Pitcher & Piano - Cornhill
Pitcher & Piano - Watling Street
Puzzle, The - Fleet Place
Reflex - Watling Steet
Revolution Bar - America Square
Samuel Pepys, The - High Timber Street
Saint, The - Rose Street, Paternoster Square
Shakespeare, The - Goswell Road, EC1
Ship, The - Hart Street
Simpson's Tavern - Ball Court Passage, EC3
Slug and Lettuce, The - America Square
Slug and Lettuce, The
- Bucklersbury
Slug and Lettuce, The - Fenchurch Street
Slug and Lettuce, The - Fetter Lane
Slug and Lettuce, The - Stoney Lane
Sports Academy, The - King William Street
The 11th Commandment - Carter Lane
Tokenhouse, The - Moorgate
Vine, The - Leadenhall Street
Vintry, The - off Cannon Street
Walkers of Holburn - Norwich Street
Wall, The - Old Broad Street
White Hart, The - Giltspur Street
White Horse, The - Exchange Square
White Swan - Farringdon Street
Willy's - Fenchurch Street
Wine Lodge, The - Fenchurch Street
Wine Tun, The - Cannon Street, EC4M
Wood Street Bar & Restaurant - Wood Street
Ye Olde London - Ludgate Hill
Ye Olde Red Cow - Long Lane

Closed and Renamed

O'Neill's - London Wall, EC2 *Closed*
White Hart - Bishopsgate, EC2 *Closed 2014*
Alchemist, The - Houndsditch. EC3A * Now The Alice *
O'Neill's - Cannon Street, EC4 * Now The Sugar Loaf
Cartoonist, The - Shoe Lane, EC4 *Gone, building demolished*
Assembly, The - Seething Lane, EC3 *Closed*
Underwriter, The - St. Mary Axe, EC3 *Closed*
City Tavern - Lawrence Lane, EC2 *Closed*
Arbitrager, The
- Throgmorton Street, EC2 ** Closed Jan 2013**
Ship Tavern, The - Lime Street ** Closed **
Barley Mow - Long Lane, EC1 ** Closed **
Sir Paul Pindar - Bishopsgate EC2M **closed, re-opened as All Bar One
Angel, The - Crosswall, EC3 - Closed
Bar38 - St Clare House, The Minories, EC3 - Renamed Abbey
Bonapartes - Cannon Street Station - Closed

Cannon, The - Cannon Street - Closed
City Tup - Gresham Street - Closed
Crowders Well, The - Fore Street, EC3 - Re-Opened as Wood Street
Deacons - Walbrook - Closed
Goose at the Castle, The Queen Victoria Street Renamed
Heeltap & Bumper - Cannon Street *Renamed The Wine Tun*
Kings Head, The - Chiswell Street *Closed* Now re-opened as The Jugged Hare
New Market, The - Smithfield Street *Closed* Now 26 Smithfield
O'Neill's - New Bridge Street *Renamed - now The Albion
O'Neill's - Houndsditch *Renamed - now White Horse
Pound, The - London Wall *closed*
Printers Devil, The - Fetter Lane *closed*
Prodigal, The - Love Lane *Renamed* Cape
Pumphouse, The - Fenchurch Street *closed*
Throgmorton - Throgmorton Street *closed*
St. Paul's Tavern - Chiswell Street *closed*
Ryans Bar - Carter Lane *now a Tapas Bar*
McGoverns - Old Bailey
* changed name to Tilted Wig for a short time, Closed *
Podium, The - St. Alphage Highwalk
Regalia - Swan Pier, EC4 *Closed*
Stay Bar & Brasserie - Middlesex Street
Red Lion, The - Lombard Court, EC3 *Closed*
Evangelist, The - Black Friars Lane, EC4
Prohibition - Bishopsgate
Slug and Lettuce, The - Aldersgate Street *Closed* now an
Broadgate Exchange, The - EC2M *Closed* now The White Horse
Heads and Tails - West Smithfield, EC1 * changed to The Distillers *

Listing of the pubs & bars within the City of London, those within the City boundaires known as The Square Mile.
Not all pubs have been reviewed, those without links have not been reviewed.

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