Traditional City of London pubs, with a hint of history

Historic Heritage Pubs

if there is one pub and one pub alone which a visitor to the City of London must visit, that pub is Ye Old Cheshire Cheese - Fleet Street .

Other excellent pubs which I would recommend to visit are :-

Hand & Shears, The - Middle Street, EC1
Blackfriar, The - Queen Victoria Street, EC4
Castle, The - Furnival Street, EC4
Magpie, The - New Street, EC2 - vist and sample the experience of pub service like no other at 6pm on any week day evening, this is the City.
Rising Sun - Cloth Fair, EC1A

My Favorites

Ye Olde Watling,
29 Watling St. EC4M 9BR, for me, this is one of the very best pints of ale you will have in the City.
Williamsons Tavern, Groveland Court - if only they could serve a full pint this would be at the top of the list.
The Bell, Bush Lane - small, but takes you back in time, perfect.
Still & Star, Little Somerset Street - fantastic pub on the eastern side of the City.

Oh, and the one I was in last night, aarrhh !





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