The Bishops Finger

The Bishops Finger pub

Pub : The Bishops Finger, 9-10 West Smithfield, City of London. EC1A 9JR
Reviewed : November 2007 Telephone : 020 7248 2341
Brewery : Shepherd Neame
Pub Website : The Bishops Finger
Facilities : Restaurant
Delightful 'Award Winning' English pub in the very heart of Smithfield meat market, which is becoming a trendy young area. Back in 1973 this was The Rutland, Shepherd Neame's sole pub within the City and Smithfield was at it's height of 800 years of buying & selling meat. At lot has changed since then and Tiny has long been forgotten by the new smooth punters. Shepherd Neame has grown and now has four other City pubs and thankfully Smithfield is still a thriving meat market, although you need be there very early in the morning to appreciate it.

The Bishops Finger offers a traditional pub setting downstairs and a restaurant/bar upstairs. As you would expect the beer is from Shepherd Neame's own brewery and is kept to the standard you would expect. Higher recommended.

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