The Pavilion End

The Pavilion End
The Pavilion End, 23 Watling St. EC4M 9BR
Old Review
Reviewed : November 2009 Telephone : 020 7236 6719
Brewery/Owner : Marston's Inns and Taverns
Facilities : Outside area; Downstairs bar; Fruit Machine x 2
Just re-opened this week, although no signs to say so. It's gone brown and cream, brown for the floors (the original stained), tables and seats, cream for the ceiling. Now in the style of a an All Bar One type pub means they have moved up market somewhat and I'm not too keen on these type of places. The Knowledge and Golfing machines have gone. The prices have gone up, pint of Stella is 3.00 and the concentration is on food. There are new aluminum tables and chairs outside. The bar downstairs carries on the theme. Being newly done, it makes a pleasant place for a sit down and something to eat.

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