The Peacock

The Peacock pub
The Peacock, 41 Minories, City of London. EC3N 1DT
Overall Rating : ***** Telephone : 020 7488 3630
Reviewed : September 2008
Chain :
Facilities : Fruit Machine/Golf Machine, Pool.

The ground floor bar is a good size, there are traditional table and chairs populating the area closest to the door (might be somewhat chilly in the winter months) which are lovely and comfortable. The bar is in keeping with the pub style of traditional modern, service is reasonable and friendly. The stairs to the first floor are unusually situated in the centre of the pub and give away the youthfulness of the layout. Upstairs you’ll find a single pool table, fruit machine and the toilets. There isn’t anything which draws you to The Peacock but then again, nothing which says don’t go in.

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